About Us

City Trip Parking is the cheapest parking in the downtown area of Maastricht. As an ethical and responsible company, we are determined to offer a safe and comfortable service to all of our customers.

About City Trip Parking

At City Trip Parking Maastricht, we believe that parking should not be a headache, especially when visiting a city as beautiful and enjoyable as Maastricht. However, our goal is to simplify offer a simple, user-friendly and affordable online booking process that guarantees you a parking space and allows you to enter the parking lot and drive out without having to pay at the terminal. The initial idea started when price from competitors, such as Q-Park increase to a shocking 35 euro’s a day. Making parking in Maastricht city center unattractive and very costly. City Trip Parking Maastricht, consist of a small team of 3 that work remotely, to ensure that costs remain low and we can beat high prices and offer affordable parking for everyone in Maastricht.

We do take pride in our infrastructure and state of the art technology, as our systems are fully automised.  To summarise, when a customer places an order, your license plate will be automatically uploaded into our parking management system and you will be able to enter and leave the parking lot for the remained of your selected dates. 

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Our Partners

We are pleased to work with many partners who are committed to sharing a piece of Maastricht with every guest. We have formed alliances with several businesses and entrepreneurs of the hospitality industry to make your stay in our city is as smooth as possible. We work collaboratively with Brickyard, Mobypark, Airbnb hosts and independent hotels around Maastricht to give you the best experience.

Our organization understands your needs and works tirelessly to deliver a satisfying service. Whether you are in Maastricht for a day or a full month, we will happily take care of your parking demands.

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