Cheap & Comfortable Parking is our Goal!

Maastricht’s high parking fees

Cheap Parking in Maastricht can be a real struggle. As parking in each big city in The Netherlands often comes at low availability and high prices. For example, monopolistic enterprises such as Q-Park, often charge prices as high as 35.00 euros for a day of parking in Maastricht.

Cheap Parking in Maastricht

City Trip Parking Maastricht has dedicated it parking lot to being both affordable and comfortable! City Trip Parking Maastricht consist of mainly young students, that work and focus on delivering a great parking solution for everyone. For instance, City Trip Parking Maastricht offers both a Daily Stay and a Monthly Stay. Allowing customers to both book for a few days and a 30 days period at a reduced price.

How it Works

City Trip Parking Maastricht has a license plate registration system. In other words, as soon as you place an order via the website. Your license plate is registered in our system. From the exact date of selected arrival till departure. Allowing you to enter and leave the parking premises as often as you want during your stay. Making a visit to neighbouring cities an option. A great place to visit is Valkenburg or Liege.

Why us

In conclusion, City Trip Parking offers a great way to enjoy Maastricht while leaving your car in safe hands. As our parking lot is equipped with the following:

  • A security fence
  • Night light protection
  • In/out gate
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Hikvision camera system

However, may you experience any unpleasantries during your stay you are always welcome to contact us via the chat box on the main page that will redirect you to whatsapp or leave an email via the ‘customer support’ at the top of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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