COUPON FREEDAY – Parking in Maastricht

Cheap Parking Maastricht and a coupon on top? That only happens at City Trip Parking. Looking forward to visiting Maastricht, but just not too sure where to park you car during your stay?

City Trip Parking is an affordable & safe place to park your car and offers different safety measures for you and your car. Furthermore, when you book online, you won’t have to pay at the terminal on site, as you will have done so from the comforts of your seat at home. On top of that, you won’t have to press any buttons at the gate, the gate will automatically open on the license pate given during your order. However, to sweeten the deal even more City Trip Parking has introduced its very first coupon to Daily stays. Free of charge. Want to know how it works?

Go to the following link: and leave a 5-star review. During checkout you can add your COUPON: FREEDAY, which will reduce 8,00 euro’s from your total order on Daily stays. The coupon will apply to all durations of your stay, it does not matter if you are staying 1 or 14 days. May you experience any difficulties with the coupon or parking, feel free to whatsapp City Trip Parking via the home page for any assistance during your order or parking in Maastricht.

T&C: When CITY TRIP PARKING concludes that you have used the discount code but did not leave a review, you order will be refunded and cancelled completely. Coupon valid till 31-12-2021 and only on Daily Stays.

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